Government sector finance reform

The Government Sector Finance Act 2018 (GSF Act) implementation is under way.

This page provides information about the GSF Act and associated reform to assist agencies with their role in the successful implementation. Agencies should note that the fact sheets and other support material are a guide only and do not replace a familiarity with the legislation.

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Latest implementation material


Current status of Treasurer’s directions

  • Treasurer’s directions issued as the ‘Gold Book’ and associated Treasury Circulars amending the Gold Book, have been repealed.
  • Treasurer’s directions issued separately under the PFAA (i.e. published as Treasury Circulars & Treasury Policy papers) remain in force, and should be followed as government policy, unless the provision to which they relate have been repealed at an earlier stage or they are inconsistent with the GSF Act.
  • TDs 92.2, 88.2 and 89.1 (section 469 of the Gold Book) also continue to operate. These were part of the Gold Book but were not repealed because of a lack of other clear government policy in the area. They remain in force and should be followed as government policy. These can be found in the Policy & Guidelines section of the Document library on the NSW Treasury website.

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GSF Act: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Last updated: 15/05/2019