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Capital planning (formerly known as Total Asset Management) is a strategic approach to physical asset planning. This approach involves an agency aligning its 10-year asset planning with its service delivery priorities and strategies, all in the limits of available resources. This approach allows us to achieve better planning and management of the State’s physical assets, both existing and planned.

Physical assets include:

  • Land and buildings
  • Information technology (including computer equipment, servers)
  • Infrastructure (including roads, bridges and rail)
  • Equipment or fleet

These assets are owned or controlled by an agency as a result of past transactions or events, providing future economic benefits and have a definite business function, or support the delivery of services.

Capital planning also includes the provision of Capital Investment Plans (CIPs) at the agency, cluster and whole of government level. CIPs provide us with a summary of the total capital investment commitments and intentions over a 10-year time frame.

The capital planning policy is part of the overall NSW capital expenditure submission framework. This framework includes the procurement policy framework – with business cases and Gateway Reviews – and the commercial policy framework – including Statement of Business Intent, Statement of Corporate Intent, and projects of State Significance.

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Last updated: 11/12/2018